Back to NorCal!

Hello my tea-bags,

Hope you are all doing well this lovely evening. My family and I just came back from a lovely and much needed vacation in SoCal. We lived in a city called Tustin, which had this massive shopping center called “The District of Tustin Legacy.” Beautiful place, lots of stores to go to, but too little time to explore. We tried the “It’s Boba Time” place and their milk tea was not too bad, but their boba was a bit too hard for my liking. What is boba? Simply put, it is tapioca starch shaped into a ball and boiled in hot water to create these chewy, black balls (hihi…).

Tea-Tip #1: If somebody in your family snores and you are sharing a single hotel room, save your sanity and invest in some ear plugs.

This was literally the first vacation I actually brought along a pair of ear plugs and they worked like a charm. It was basically three against one and I could barely hear any of them. They sounded more like vibrations than actual sounds that you would want to run away from in your sleep. 

So there is a thing about me and going on vacations, I always forget to bring something. I remember one time I forgot to bring a pair of pants to sleep in. The next time I forgot to  bring a shirt to sleep in. So this time what did you think I forgot to bring…underwear. *sighs* I was even sure to double-check my luggage and everything, but inevitably I forget to bring something. It is a curse (and a gift). 

Love you guys, 

Tea G. Sea


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