First blog post – It’s opening day!

Hello friends (from here on out, I’ll call you my tea-bags),

Since it is my first day starting this blog, I figured my first post should be something a little more introductory, right? So what is that you would like to know about me? I will provide some basic information, but let me know if there is something I left out that you are just dying to find out about me (or not, that is okay too). 

Age: 20 years old (but I will be turning 21 in June of 2017).

Birthplace: California (Northern; Bay Area)


  • Was homeschooled up until high school; never officially attended a public school until college.
  • Graduated from high school in 2014 and currently attending a state university.
  • I will be starting my senior year of college this upcoming semester (Fall 2017).
  • I major in biological sciences (forensics).


  • Asian Dramas (Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, etc.)
  • Learning about other cultures, especially learning how to speak other languages.
  • Jigsaw puzzles (put together a 3000 piece Ravensburger puzzle and it is absolutely stunning).
  • Pandas.
  • Weird things I found out about myself over the years:
    • I have trichtillomania [I pull out my own hair… 😥 ]
    • I really dislike change (environment, people around me, daily routines, etc.)
      • Nor can I handle it, hence the anxiety and trich.
    • I am a bio major…everybody else in my immediate family are business majors.
    • I like stinky foods (dried squid, durian, anchovies, etc.)
    • I worry about various things beyond my control and I cannot let things go (I am a dweller).
    • I am not a fan of driving, but I do what I can.
    • I love talking to other people, but I am fairly shy and socially awkward.
    • I tend to embarrass myself in front of hot guys.
    • I secretly like dresses, but my family does not know, because they still think I am a tomboy.

I mean, there should be a lot more to this, but this is all I can currently think of. My next few posts should be a lot more interesting. 🙂 

Love you my tea-bags,

Tea G. Sea


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