Almost 21…still clueless about life

Dear Teabags,

I am going to turn 21 in two days (June 24th) and I am still completely clueless about life. I have never considered myself much of a risk taker and as you all know, without risks there really is not much progress.

For the past two years I have been working minimum wage at a retail store. I am ready to move on, but I do not even know where to start looking. The retail store I currently work at is my first job ever and I still lack a lot of experience. My schedule is not incredibly flexible so it is hard to find another company that is willing to let me work weekends only with very particular hours.

I have been actively saving up money for the future, but there is always one thing or another that comes to drain my savings. Whether I have to make car payments or pay for tuition, textbooks, etc., money comes and goes. It just seems that it goes a lot faster than it comes.

Lately I have been thinking about putting my money into an investment account, most likely a Roth IRA. However, I do not even know where to start. How do I choose which company I go with? How do I choose which stocks to invest in? When do I sell?

Tea Leaf: At 21, I still have a lot of questions about life, so do not worry about having everything figured out before you graduate high school.

Thanks for reading,

Tea G. Sea



Sometimes what you want the most is not what you really need.

Hello teabags, 

I have not written in a long time, I am sorry. How is life going? 🙂 Summer school started on Monday for me and I am still on the waitlist. The professor has yet to decide whether or not he can add people to his class, so I am still waiting to find out his decision. :/ 

I recently had that moment in my life where I wish I had something, but it was not really the best thing for me. For example, ever since I started college, I wanted a three-day schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

It literally sounded like the dream schedule. I generally had Fridays off while I went to school Monday through Thursday. I once had a Tuesday and Thursday schedule, but that was way too intense for me.

All the tests were back-to-back and my classes were also back-to-back. I barely made it on time, because my classes were halfway across campus and I only had 8-10 minutes to walk over.

(On the plus side, I lost a lot of weight that year. No time to eat junk food, but a bunch of time to exercise). Lol! Well, last semester I finally got the schedule I had always dreamed of. The one I thought I would benefit the most from.

Well, the problem with that schedule was that I rarely studied. I slacked off a lot and I am owning up to that, I procrastinated… A LOT.

I definitely paid the price for it, because I ended up doing really bad that semester. One A-, two B-‘s, one C+, and one D+. Those were not the kind of ABC’s I enjoyed seeing.

I realized that going to school everyday was not the best idea for me, especially since I thought I had a lot more time than I really did.

So next semester I am going back to my usual Monday through Friday schedule, except I have a lot more night classes (blegh!). Traffic should not be an issue thought. Hehe! 

Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about the “what-ifs,” but maybe those really are not the best for us.

Tea Tip #4: Just go with the flow and try not to overthink things (Harder than it sounds, I constantly overthink things, especially before going to sleep). 

Love you guys,

Tea G. Sea

Grades do not define who you are as a person

Good afternoon my tea-bags, 

Yesterday was the due date for professor’s at my university to turn in student grades. Not going to lie, I am incredibly anxious to see what I get.

I already know I have a B- in one class, but there is one class that I am 98% sure I earned a D+. It will be my first D+ ever. I remember getting my first C+ in my freshmen year and that was already extremely devastating, but I eventually got through it.

What I learned from that experience was that life moves on after a bad grade. The C+ or whatever grade you get does not define who you are a person.

It is your personality or who you are as a person that makes you who you are. The way you treat others says a lot about a person, there is the old adage, “actions speak louder than words.” 

Now, this is not to say that it is okay to blame others for the grade you earned, because you get back what you put in. 

Teachers are not to be blamed for the grade you EARNED. Nobody DESERVES a certain grade, you EARN it.

You earn it by showing up for class, actively participating, and being respectful. Participation does not necessarily mean having to speak up (unless your professor explicitly says so, then listen to them), it just means keeping yourself engaged in the material and taking notes.

It is also earned by actually studying the material. Some classes will be harder than others and some may be easier.

It is up to you to figure out which subjects you are good at and focus more on the ones you need to work on.

Tea-Tip #3: It is not necessary to continually put yourself down or stress out over a piece of paper. (But it is certainly okay to cry if you need to). 

Love you all,

Tea G. Sea